net zero electric


    Ideal utilization of space and light in concert with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the design of an Eco home.


    All the elements from LED lighting to the home automation work in perfect harmony providing ultimate foundation for energy efficiency.


    State of the Art technology solutions including the solar array and the advanced home automation applications are the final steps in eliminating the electric costs. WATCH.



California Living

Located 100 miles north of Los Angeles, Bakersfield is located in the southern part of the beautiful San Joaquin Valley. Nestled between the Sierra Nevada and Coastal mountain ranges, Bakersfield is a treasure trove for energy and agriculture.

Within driving distance to the coast or the mountains, your new Casa Verde home places you in the heart of California adventure. Unique to California is the ability to experience the four types of land environments: mountains, desert, grassland and coastline. Living in a Casa Verde home will provide you and your family with opportunities to experience all of these regions California has to offer- all within a half day’s drive.

A perfect place for individuals, couples, and families alike, the intimate relationship between nature and your home is a luxurious place to enjoy the finer things in life. Everything that you would want to have in your life is here for you.

Casa Verde

EcoVillage Casa Verde is one of the best places to call home anywhere in the Bakersfield area.

Casa Verde is an exciting new residential Eco Home Village in booming Bakersfield. The community features high performance Net Zero Energy homes, providing you with incredible energy savings and luxurious living. What better way to use the savings from you Net Zero energy home than on the amazing opportunities that California living provides. Your Casa Verde home is located near schools, shopping and community parks making Casa Verde is the perfect place to raise your family!


Casa Verde homes feature designs and high performance zero energy elements not found anywhere else in bakersfield.

All Casa Verde homes are specifically designed to be sustainable and to provide superior energy efficiency for every home owner.

Developing and building a high performance zero energy home begins with a proper design. It is imperative that the home design is optimized for energy efficiency and, at the same time, it must provide open living spaces and an extremely comfortable living environment. All the different design elements must function in harmony to achieve the goals of a high performance home.

In addition to the latest home automation and renewable energy technologies that come standard on every Casa Verde home, they feature advanced design elements helping in eliminating energy costs. For example, running air ducts in an extremely hot attic puts a tremendous load on the air conditioning unit and can waste a lot of energy on a daily basis. Therefore, homes at Casa Verde are designed with the high efficinecy insulation in the attic resulting in tremendous energy savings.

the homes

four different floor plans

$30,000 in upgrades!

Find out how to use your energy savings to get the upgrades?

READ AND WATCH THIS - Money in your pocket

What do you want to do with the thousands of dollars that your home puts in your pocket every year?

What if your high performance Net Zero Electric home sent you and your family on a free vacation every year? These homes are value engineered to provide the homeowners an unprecedented advantage: Spend less money to own the home and more on the family.



We are offering an opportunity to reserve one of the zero electric homes today with the final decision to be made later. Contact us now to take advantage of this risk free opportunity to take your first step in owning a high performance zero electric home! No risk and no commitment until you are completely sure that this is the right decision for you.


  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control - LED
  • Automated Shades Option
  • Multi Room Audio Option
  • Security Option
  • Phone & Tablet Apps

Home automation is imperative for energy efficient home.

Healthy and safe

Healthy and safe living environment. What you and your family deserves.


  • zero energy
  • water efficiency
  • safe environment
  • healthy home
  • environment

Building a sustainable home is a carefully planned process.

Everything starts with a proper designing and engineering and then the home is constructed based on the developed detailed blueprint. The whole process requires a serious commitment and constant attention to detail.

A Healthy Home is one that has been designed, engineered and constructed in a manner that supports the health of its residents. It is one that nurtures body, mind and spirit. Natural, Eco-friendly building materials are used and are free of harmful synthetic chemicals. It is a house that is healthy for its occupants as well as for the global environment.

Protecting you and your family from accidents and natural disasters is important to us. Properly engineered and constructed homes are less vulnerable to severe wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. Our home designs emphasize the safety of our homes to better protect your family from these disasters.


Useful energy efficiency, sustainability, healthy and safe living environment information.

Read interesting articles about all aspects of energy efficient and healthy living. Learn about Net Metering, grid parity, energy effiecient mortgages, LED lighting and everything else related to sustainable living.

Visit the ecothentic.com blog and learn about latest trends and hot topics from energy efficiency to sustainability. You can also subscribe to the blog, so you will get notified everytime a new blog is posted.

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The Builder

License 858647 - State of California.

For more than 15 years William Murphy has had the privilege of designing and building homes in California. From entry level residences to custom built estates, every project was approached and completed with focus, attention to detail and precision.

In his own words, he considers it an honor to have a share in helping families fulfill the dream of finding a home they love. He has designed and built some of the most forward-thinking homes and projects in Bakersfield. William feels it is very important that homes be distinctive, unique and stand out from others.

Building and designing with an eye on the future allows him to provide families with the home they really want, instead of one they have to settle for.

William Murphy Homes was built on the thought, that if you love what you do, that love will be evident in your work. The love for his work has been and will continue to be clear in everything William designs and builds. We invite you to move forward with us and find the home you really want.



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