These villas are located in the heart of the beach country and ideal for family vacations.

EcoVillage Madeira Beach 2 Villas represent the unsurpassed quality of Greenergy high performance zero energy homes. They are designed and engineered for the demanding coastal market. The floor plans can accommodate both small and larger groups and they are perfectly designed for beach vacations. Open areas and spacious porches provide an extremely comfortable living environment for all the beach goers.

Located just a short walk from the beach and the famous John's Pass market place with restaurants and shopping, you are in the middle of the beach life. No electric bills, LED lighting, impact glass windows, superior building envelope, home automation and many other features make these villas a dream come true for a the home owner. The fact that the designs are great, the location is superb, and the ownership costs are minimized , make these villas the best opportunity on the beach!

great value


These villas are custom designed to minimize all the ongoing ownership costs to the home owner, as well as to maximize the future resale value.

  • Zero Energy Villas not found elsewhere in the county.
  • Cheapest property ownerhsip costs on the market.
  • Greatest resale value of any compatible home.
  • Superior advantage - No electric bills!

These benefits are just a few that these high performance Villas offer. The fact is that you will not find any other home anywhere in the coastal region that would provide the same features as Greenergy homes. You can view the Greenergy Difference document right now by clicking here!


zero energy

Zero energy home will produce as much, or more, electricity than it consumes in a course of a year.

EcoVillage Madeira Beach 2 Villas are Zero Energy Homes that are built extremely airtight, are highly insulated and utilize highly efficient appliances, heating and lighting, so their energy use is minimal. Once all aspects of the home are made as energy efficient as possible, these villas utilize solar technology to produce sufficient electricity to meet the minimal remaining energy need of the home.

Greenergy Villas utilize a whole house engineering systems approach where all elements fo the home function in concert resulting in a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of zero. No electric bills! Our homes are always also certified by an independent third party for a Zero HERS rating guaranteeing the property owner a high performance home as promised by Greenergy.

healthy living


A healthy home approach begins with a proper design and engineering of the home. All the home elements must be carefully addressed in order to provide a functional and healthy home.

  • No VOC paints and finishes
  • Non-toxic flooring
  • Climate and moisture control
  • Water and air filtering
  • UV lighting in HVAC systems

These features are just an example of the many different elements that will provide the EcoVillage Madeira Beach villa owners an extremely healthy living environment.


safer home

Living in a coastal region in Florida requires a strong building envelope.

Protecting you and your family from accidents and natural disasters is important to us. Properly engineered and constructed homes are less vulnerable to severe wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. EcoVillage madeira Beach villa designs emphasize the safety of our homes to better protect your family from these disasters.

Our wall systems are engineered to well exceed the municipal construction codes. We always use impact glass for all windows and doors and our roofing systems are extremely fire resistant. We follow many of the fortification guidelines and we want every family to feel safe in living in a Greenergy home.

the villas

These high performance Zero Energy villas cannot be found anywhere else in the country!

These Villas are designed and engineered to provide floor plans and elevations that are all reflective of best use of space for the location with focus on energy efficiency.

All the different elements of the Villas work in perfect harmony providing you an extremely comfortable living environment and home.

  • Spacious rooms and open floor plan
  • Use of space maximized for each floor plan
  • Coastal Floridian design and elevations
  • Parking and flex space under the villa
  • Features and finishes reflecting the region

the site plan

Zero Energy high performance homes with no electric bills and minimized ownership costs.

The EcoVillage Madeira Beach 2 is now offering the first Zero Energy single family attached villas to home buyers at extremely low pre-construction pricing.

The community consists of a total of 12 single family homes in 4 buildings with 2 story floor plans. Do not hesitate to contact us soon to get your high performance home reserved at these extremely low prices before they are all gone.

  • Homes are now available
  • A total of 8 homes
  • 2 story floor plans
  • Limited time opportunity
  • Contact us now!

the automation

Home automation can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Each villa is equipped with the latest integrated home automation technology allowing the home owner to control the lighting and the temperature of the villa both locally and remotely.

  • Temperature control
  • Lighting control - LED
  • Smart phone and tablet apps
  • Automated shades (optional)
  • Multi-room audio (optional)
  • Various other upgrade options!

the options

You can customize these high performance villas in any way you want to meet all of your needs!

Each villa floor plan and elevation can be customized with many different options that are available for you and your family to make these homes ideal for you to live on the beach.

  • Room configuration
  • Extended deck, built-in spa, summer kitchen
  • Flooring, cabinets, countertops
  • Enclosed garage, boat storage, private storage
  • Elevator, custom stairs
  • Custom interior and exterior paint colors
  • And much much more!


These Villas will save you cash every year. Year after year.

What if your high performance Net Zero Energy home sent you and your family on a vacation every year?

These Villas are value engineered to provide the homeowners an unprecedented advantage: Spend less money to own the home and more on the family. All this while you get a high performance Net Zero Energy home with the latest technologies available today.

Your Villa will save you money in many different ways. Most importantly, you will never have to pay for electricity again. When everybody else’s electric costs go up year after year, yours is fixed at ZERO. In addition, you will see substantial savings from lighting, HVAC system, roof, insurance and maintenance.

VIDEO - Money in your pocket every month!

madeira beach

beautiful beaches and year around sunshine.

Madeira's 2.5-mile beach attracts devotees of sun and sea, and fishing in the primary sport activity. More grouper is brought into John's Pass than any other place in the state. In addition, each October, the community hosts the Seafood Festival at John's Pass, which attracts as many as 130,000 visitors to its celebration of food, music, and arts and crafts.

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Energy efficiency, sustainability, healthy and safe living environment in one package.

EcoVillage Madeira Beach is probably the most unique community anywhere along the gulf coast. These seven homes represent the very latest technologies available to public today.

You will not find homes that are built as strong and as energy efficient anywhere else in the coastal region. These villas are extremely unique and feature elements that are not typically found in homes along the beach.

We have teamed up with some of the leading home technology companies in the world to build a better sustainable living environment for all of us. We are fortunate to have partners like General Electric and MASCO Home Services. Together we are developing a better and more energy efficient home for today and tomorrow.

GE Ecomagination is a global program that focuses in providing the home owners the very latest energy efficient technologies available today. We are proud to be developing some of the very first Net Zero Energy Ecomagination homes in the world that are based on the Environments For Living® program requirements provided by GE and MASCO.

Each Villa will receive a third party certification guaranteeing the quality of the home and that it is built with the construction elements as designed and engineered by Greenergy. Each home will also receive an independent energy efficiency certification guaranteeing that the home is a true Net Zero Energy home.