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    Ideal utilization of space and light in concert with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency is the cornerstone of the design of a Greenergy home.


    All the elements from LED lighting to the home automation work in perfect harmony providing ultimate foundation for energy efficiency.


    State of the Art technology solutions including the solar array and the advanced home automation applications are the final steps in eliminating the electric costs. WATCH.



Florida Living

The City of Apollo Beach is located just south of the metropolitan area of the City of Tampa, Florida. It is considered to be one of the great coastal towns of the west coast of Florida providing both a great mix of old Florida and the new wave of sustainable living.

Just Moments to Tampa, your new Waterset home puts you right in the middle of all the act ivities, shopping, attractions and great schools that make your home the best it can be. This home will provide you and your family with experiences that last a lifetime.

A perfect place for individuals, couples, and families alike, the intimate relationship between nature and your home is a luxurious place to enjoy the finer things in life. Everything that you would want to have in your life is here for you from sports like golf and fishing to abundant retail shopping, theme parks and beaches.


Waterset by Newland Communities is one of the best places to call home anywhere in the Greater Tampa area. The community features some of the leading home builders in the area and, of course, the first Zero Energy EcoVillage anywhere in the country!

Located just a short distance from the beach, Waterset will consist of up to 5,000 homes when fully developed and completed. It is already home for hundreds of home owners and growing fast. Waterset provides home owners with multiple parks and playgrounds that are connected with miles of trails - Waterset Trailhead. This is a 12’ wide, trail system where you can meet up with fellow nature lovers and wander through miles of trails. The trail system will connect the lakes, ponds, wetlands, parks, neighborhoods, public places, and is planned to link to the greater Hillsborough County regional trail system.

At Waterset you can also find everything from the Pool and fitness center, to the recently opened Lakeside Park featuring an amphitheater, dog park, playground, splash park and state of the art outdoor fitness equipment. Let's not to forget the spectacular gathering place for friends and families called the "Landing"!

For information for schools, events and other activities, please visit Waterset website by clicking here: Waterset Website


Greenergy homes feature designs and high performance zero energy elements not found anywhere else in Florida.

All Greenergy homes are specifically designed to be sustainable and to provide superior energy efficiency for every home owner.

Developing and building a high performance zero energy home begins with a proper design. It is imperative that the home design is optimized for energy efficiency and, at the same time, it must provide open living spaces and an extremely comfortable living environment. All the different design elements must function in harmony to achieve the goals of a high performance home.

In addition to the latest home automation and renewable energy technologies that come standard on every Greenergy home, they feature advanced design elements helping in eliminating energy costs. For example, running air ducts in an extremely hot attic puts a tremendous load on the air conditioning unit and wastes a lot of energy on a daily basis. Therefore, Greenergy homes at Waterset are designed with the air ducts placed below the ceiling and inside of the air conditioned space, resulting in tremendous energy savings.

the homes

four different floor plans

READ AND WATCH THIS - Money in your pocket

What do you want to do with the thousands of dollars that your home puts in your pocket every year?

What if your high performance Net Zero Electric home sent you and your family on a free vacation every year? These homes are value engineered to provide the homeowners an unprecedented advantage: Spend less money to own the home and more on the family.


  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control - LED
  • Automated Shades Option
  • Multi Room Audio Option
  • Security Option
  • Phone & Tablet Apps

Home automation is imperative for energy efficient home.

Healthy and safe

Healthy and safe living environment. What you and your family deserves.


  • zero energy
  • water efficiency
  • safe environment
  • healthy home
  • environment

Building a sustainable home is a carefully planned process.

Everything starts with a proper designing and engineering and then the home is constructed based on the developed detailed blueprint. The whole process requires a serious commitment and constant attention to detail.

A Healthy Home is one that has been designed, engineered and constructed in a manner that supports the health of its residents. It is one that nurtures body, mind and spirit. Natural, Eco-friendly building materials are used and are free of harmful synthetic chemicals. It is a house that is healthy for its occupants as well as for the global environment.

Protecting you and your family from accidents and natural disasters is important to us. Properly engineered and constructed homes are less vulnerable to severe wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires and other disasters. Our home designs emphasize the safety of our homes to better protect your family from these disasters.


Special design for superior energy efficiency.

For super energy-efficiency, hi-performance homes, we engineer all of the mechanical equipment (AC & Heating) within the homes’ air conditioned space. Chases are designed strategically below the attic and not in the hot attic. This design alone can save 25% in energy costs. How is this possible? Simply put, the homeowner is no longer paying to push cooled air through hot attic spaces. This design also substantially extends the life of the home's air conditioning system as it does not have to run as frequently.


Useful energy efficiency, sustainability, healthy and safe living environment information.

Read interesting articles about all aspects of energy efficient and healthy living. Learn about Net Metering, grid parity, energy effiecient mortgages, LED lighting and everything else related to sustainable living.

Visit the ecothentic.com blog and learn about latest trends and hot topics from energy efficiency to sustainability. You can also subscribe to the blog, so you will get notified everytime a new blog is posted.

Easy Financing

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Greenergy Communities has mortgage partners that can provide you with the best and fastest service available today. Through our partners, we offer a program where your financing is secured BEFORE the home construction begins giving you a piece of mind knowing that there will be no surprises before your home is finished. Your interest rate is also locked in immediately reducing the rate increase anxiety. Your mortgage will actually be approved and closed before the construction begins!

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